Father as I approach Your throne of grace in the mighty name of Jesus, I glorify you as LORD and King. Thank you for Your great love for us Your people.
Psalm 1:1 reminds us that we are blessed when we read your word and apply it to our daily lives.
1:2 LORD we find joy and comfort in your word.
1:3 Thank you that as we study your word daily, we will prosper in everything that we do and we will bear much fruit that will last.
1:6 LORD you know us, you know our very thoughts, and we cannot hide anything from you. When we waste out time in idleness and foolish talk, we will go astray.
1:5. Wicked people will not escape God’s judgement
Holy Spirit help us to seek your face rather than seeking unwise counselling, when making decisions.
Psalm 1:6 teaches that the LORD knows what he has planned for those who walk in righteousness. They will enjoy everlasting life but those who continue their wickedness, will perish.
LORD you do not want anyone to perish but that all might be saved. Therefore I pray that today each one of us will choose to study your word making You our “ FIRST” priority. Amen!
– Pam Farmer


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