Daily all of us are faced with multiple decisions that need to be made which enable us to proceed through our day! Decisions on what to wear, when to wake up in the morning, what route we to take to work and whether we are going to have a salad or a burger for lunch! Most of these decisions are made almost instinctively without too much thought, however every now and again something happens that rocks our world, breaks our routine and causes serious contemplation!  It could be a health issue, an unexpected retrenchment, a political uncertainty or even a death!

It is during these times that it is not unusual to catch a wobble and in an attempt to restore some equilibrium, we go seeking counsel from whoever is willing to give it. Seeking counsel in and of its own is not a bad thing, but as David observed in Psalm 11 even our dearest friends can at times use plausible logic to cause us to flee, when in fact God wants us to stand and face the matter at hand. This was certainly true of David and even though he caught a wobble and considered responding in fear, he chose instead to put his faith in God!

On four separate occasions David turns his fear into faith by emphatically declaring that the Lord is his source of strength! It is the Lord who reigns supreme and it is the Lord whose eyes are forever upon us! The lesson I personally take from this psalm is that God is the answer to our problems. God is the answer to our doubt. God is the answer during times of trial, and God is the ultimate refuge into which we should run whenever we seem to be surrounded by danger on every side! The Bible implores us to surround ourselves with wise counsellors, something that we should all be encouraged to do. However, wise counsellors should more often than not confirm what we have already heard from the Lord rather than replace it. My prayer is that we would lean into Christ as David did; not only during the good times, but during the tough and difficult times too! He is our refuge and strong tower and we, His righteous ones, should run to Him, because it is in Him that we are safe!



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