The Psalmist, David, laments that there is not one person that remains faithful and honest in their communication (talk). Idle and flattering talk, hypocrisy and deceit abound.

In the first couplet, he appeals to God for help and in the second couplet asks for God’s intervention. In couplet three he hears from God, that God will arise and protect those who are being maligned. He then expresses confidence in the final couplet that God will keep the needy safe and protect “us” from the wicked.

There is a strong contrast in this Psalm between the words of man which are deceitful and God’s word which is pure and preserved. Man’s words are yes and no and God’s word is yes and amen. His word is true, certain, holy and faithful.

Though written long ago, Psalm 12 could not be more pertinent to us in society today. Fake news, false twitter accounts, and propaganda floods our senses. Words like “post truth” and “alternate facts” have entered the vocabulary.

When those in power behave in this manner “the poor are plundered and the needy (in our society) groan” says the Psalmist.

But thank God when we as Christians are defamed by false propaganda – “God will arise and protect us from those who malign us.”




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