“How long Lord ”

“Don’t let…”

“Please turn and answer me Lord…”

I am sure most of us would have asked these questions and/or made similar statements at sometime in our journey. If not aloud, in our hearts. Nothing wrong with being honest and real regarding the realities of our lives, the waiting, enduring and often just hanging on for dear life.

Then all of a sudden in verse 5 David switches into faith gear and starts to make declarations of trusting in Gods unfailing love, rejoicing in his salvation and singing of his goodness. David begins to declare the “higher truth” by which he lives. He starts to declare what he knows to be true of God and his relationship with him. He speaks out the higher truth which surpasses the realities of his situation.

I think the order of these few verses as well as many others in the Psalms provide us with a gem from David’s relationship with the Lord.

Before we start to claim and enforce the promises of God in our lives, that “higher truth”, it may help to be honest with the everyday realities we are facing as well as the up and down emotions they stir in us. Like with most of our quality relationships, vulnerability and honesty are the door to a whole lot more. I believe the Lord also desires that honesty from us before we start to claim His promises.

We don’t walk in His promises by denying our realities and the emotions that come with them but rather acknowledging them and taking them to Him.

Thankfully He never leaves us in that place but leads us deeper and deeper into his amazing “higher truth” that calms our stormy emotions and reigns above our circumstances.

Prayer: Lord teach us to be more honest and vulnerable with you and please take us by the hand and lead us into the wide open spaces of your higher truths that cannot be shaken.



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