Psalm 14 starts by describing a fool as someone who says there is no God. By denying that there is a God; their hearts and minds become hardened and corrupted by sin and this shows in how they live their lives especially towards God’s people.

What struck me again in verse 2 is that God looks down from heaven on all people, both believers and unbelievers. He sees everything: all our deeds, thoughts and what is in our hearts. This speaks of His heart – He is always looking to see if there are those amongst the unbelievers who “want to know him”. He is always looking because He cares and He wants all of mankind to return to Him. He is a father-Our Father.

The psalmist speaks of the unbelievers whose hearts are hardened, they never learn, they do not call on God, they persecute the righteous and they do not care for God’s people and the poor. But it warns that God is a protector of the righteous and He is a refuge for His people. So we as believers know that God watches over us even when we are persecuted. It also tells us that God does not overlook sin or unrighteousness; there has to be a reaching out to Him, repentance and an acceptance of Him as our Saviour. God will not be mocked.

Finally, what is clear in the end of the psalm is that there will be a day of judgement. For righteous believers: it will be a day of joy. But unbelievers will not escape this day and will be judged by a righteous God.

We need to REACH OUT as believers, in line with Harvest’s vision for 2017,  to those unbelievers that we know and have relationship with. It is God’s heart that they become His followers and children so that they too may experience joy on the Day of Judgment.




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