The Psalm is David’s jubilant thanksgiving song to the Lord for delivering him from all his enemies as mentioned in the title of the psalm and in the first verse of 2 Samuel 22. Psalm 18 is a summary of David’s life and was composed when David’s kingdom was firmly established. (Read 1 Samuel 16 – 2 Samuel 21 for a detailed history of David’s life and his many victories by the hand of God.)

He felt humbled and amazed at the position God had given him. David committed himself from the beginning of his reign as a king who would make God’s name known to the neighbouring kingdoms. David realized that foreign nations would follow his leadership, which made him determined to tell them about the great God who have delivered him from the hand of Saul and all his enemies (Ps 18:43-50).

He celebrated his victory over his enemies’ oppression by praising the Lord for deliverance, not by claiming he himself had achieved it (Ps 18:43-45).

He gave the glory to God (Ps 18:46-50). By giving thanks to the Lord and singing His praises, David hoped to influence his neighbours so that they, too, would fear and follow God.

God wants us to follow David’s example, He wants us to have a similar kind of witness with the people who live around us. Thus fulfilling our ultimate purpose: The Great Commission – Matthew 28:18-20.

When God delivers us from difficult times and dangerous people, we especially owe Him our praise and devotion. Are you willing to speak up for the Lord wherever God has placed you; in work, in your neighbourhood and in the community? In what ways would you give God a gift of praise or thanksgiving?


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