This refreshing pastoral Psalm reflects ABSOLUTE TRUST

EXPECT: Jesus’s shepherding care
KNOW: That he will keep you from want, protect you, restore your life
KEY LESSONS IN FAITH: God’s people must actively, consciously TRUST that God’s word is true and that He always acts in accordance with it. Every situation we encounter is an opportunity to choose to TRUST God rather than our own inclinations. FAITH involves an element of risk, but always yields the richest dividends. – commentary from the Spirit Filled Life Study Bible

In my daily reading of February 2 from ‘Savor: Living Abundantly where you are, as you are’ by Shauna Niequist it says: “We dilute the beauty of the gospel story when we divorce it from our lives, our worlds, the words and images that God is writing right now on our souls.”

HOW POWERFUL is Psalms 23. What is the story that God is writing in your life and on your soul these days?

– Liezel Searle



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