Psalm 25 – A Prayer

Here I am, O LORD, at your feet, I lay down everything, all I am – inside, outside.

My trust? In you – always in You! Let no disappointed hope make me feel ashamed of my testimonies of Your faithfulness. Help me to finish strong because my enemies are waiting to mock me.

In the end we win, disgrace comes to those who try mess with us.

Let Your thoughts become my thoughts, O LORD. I’m asking You for wisdom, for guidance.

I want to feel your hand wrap around mine and lead me, pull me. You are my Saviour.

Grace is what You’re all about, and I am so thankful that you wipe the slate clean.

Forgive the rebellious sins of my youth (and those of today). Thank You for Your tender mercies and loving kindness that are new every morning.

You are good, showing me how to be more like Your son Jesus, even when I decide to take the well-worn road.

You love the meek, the humble. Lead me. Teach me.

I am pulled by several distractions – teach me Your humble way.

Forgive me, O LORD, so that You may be glorified.

I recognise You – holy, almighty, righteous, pure, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-wise. Show me which way next.

The prosperity I live in looks different to the way the world sees it, thank you that my children will inherit the Promised Land.

I hold you in the highest place and love my friendship with You – thank you for Your quiet, wise words of counsel.

Prompt me to pray on every occasion, because it is only You who can set me free from the ankle breaking trap of my enemies.

Here I am, in that old place again. Turn and face me. Help me!

I am facing a mountain of problems, only You, God, can save me from them now.

I know you understand – forgive me.

All of them against me, viciously they hate me.

Watch over me and keep me from trouble, don’t drop me.

I’m putting my hope in You.

God, give your people a break – a taste of victory. Yours is the victory!


Some of you may be familiar with the music of delirious?SANCTIFY was released 20 years ago, and is relevant to me today as it was the first time I heard it.

Click on this link to listen




Here I am in that old place again
Down on my face again
Crying out I want you to hear my plea
Come down and rescue me

How long will it take
How long will I have to wait?

And all I want is all you have
Come to me, rescue me,
Fall on me with your love
And all you want is all I have
Come to me, rescue me,
fall on me with your love

Sanctify I want to be set apart
Right to the very heart
Prophesy to the four winds
And breathe life to this very place

How long will it take?
How long will I have to wait?

And all I want is all you have
Come to me rescue me,
Fall on me with your love
And all you want is all I have
Come to me rescue me,
Fall on me with your love

Lifted up I’ve climbed with the strength I have
Right to this mountain top
Looking out the cloud’s getting bigger now
It’s time to get ready now

Written by Stuart Garrard/Martin Smith ©1997 Curious? Music UK


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