There is such power in declaration; especially when we declare who GOD is – His name, His nature and character. The spiritual world undergirds, interpenetrates and changes the natural world we live in.

That includes us and our outlook and attitudes.

I love the declaration David makes at the beginning of this psalm… “THE LORD IS MY LIGHT AND SALVATION, MY REFUGE AND THE STRONGHOLD OF MY LIFE…”

Lets join with him and release these powerful words with their life giving truths; breaking through the troubles, fears and concerns of our day that would try to hold us captive in their deceptive, strangling stronghold.

Rise up today with a confident expectation that His revelation and deliverance will chase away the darkness and onslaught of the enemy’s strategies. They will try to hold you fast and derail you and the plans The Lord has for you. The Lord is your STRONGHOLD and there is nothing that is as powerful as the embrace of His loving presence that holds you through and gives you victory over any challenge you may have to face.

Let’s pick up on that word “face”. It is here we learn David’s secret. From verses 4-9 we learn of his focus and of his priority that keeps his life steady and confident and gives him the strength and courage to face any and every challenge. We become like that which we worship and so when we “seek The Lord’s face” and spend time in His presence our faces can reflect Him to friend and foe!

Will you today, with David, declare ONE THING you will ask, seek and inquire for – to dwell in His Presence. Verse 8 in the Amplified Bible says…”seek My face [inquire for and require My presence as your vital need] My heart says to You, Your face [Your presence], Lord, will I seek, inquire for, and require [of necessity and on the authority of your Word]” The Word of The Lord is powerful and when we align ourselves with it and unleash it through our reflection and declaration it will not return void but accomplish more then we could ask, think or even imagine!

It is from this ” face to face” position of INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP that we can then “wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage.” As a son and daughter of God, live from this place of Godly confidence today!


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