As I read this Psalm of David, I cannot help but close my eyes and picture the storm that David describes.  Glorious  thunder, vast waters, mighty cedars crashing down, the ground being shaken, flames of fire lighting up the skies.  This is the majestic , ALL powerful God that we serve!  Not only is He so mighty and powerful to have created such awesome wonders, but that David would compare His mere VOICE to them.

David calls the heavenly beings to ascribe glory to the Lord and to worship him in holiness!  And how much more shouldn’t we as his sons and daughters stand in awe and worship our all powerful and majestic God in holiness.  David was a powerful man.  A mighty, victorious warrior and king!  But in his heart, he was a worshipper and he knew that it was God who deserved all the glory and honour and praise.

Psalm 29:11 says, “May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!”  David had faced his fair share of storms… lions and bears, giants, mighty armies, being relentlessly hunted by Saul.  And this Psalm reminds us that God is over the storm! And He is the one who we need to run to in the storms of life.  It is only in HIM that we can find strength and peace.  Storms pass.  But our God is enthroned forever.



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