The whole psalm is a song of THANKSGIVING. It is a confession of someone who realizes how much they have been forgiven of their sins and wrongdoings. The word Maskil at the heading means it is also some sort of instruction for how to live godly.

Confession of sin is like taking a long, hot shower in the grace of God. This psalm describes that feeling of cleansing that God’s forgiveness brings. It allows us to put our failures in the past and make a fresh start with Him.” (The Word in Life study Bible)

In verse 1-2 and 11 David speaks to the assembled people.

He tells them how wonderful it is to know that your sins are not counted against you. Only by being in right standing with God can someone – be glad, rejoice and shout for joy. No deceit means we are honest and open before God.

In verses 3-7 he addresses God while the others can also hear him.

To cover our sins means that God completely blots it out. We can confess our sins to God because we believe that he is merciful. It is interesting how he says that his bones will waste away and he will groan if he keeps his sin inside. I wonder how many times are bodily pains because of unconfessed sins. (See also Psalm 38). He mentions how he does not have strength to face the day because his energy is “drained”. God sometimes deals with us in a hard way (your hand was heavy upon me) until we get to the place of bringing our sins out in the open. If we look around us we see thousands of people who live life with a heavy heart because of walking around with unconfessed sins.

Verse 6 is a WARNING that we should not wait until things is completely out of hand. That might be too late or it might seem that God is not able to help anymore.

Verse 7 is so encouraging where David comes to realise that God is his SAFE PLACE (hiding place). God sings His songs of deliverance over us. May you and I cause an orchestra of songs to be sung unto God for His great victory over us and in us.

In verses 8-10 he is addressed by one of the priests in the sanctuary or the psalmist instructs the people himself.

These verses tell us how to walk in God’s ways. God will show (instruct) us what we should do. His eyes are always on us. He is more committed than us to help us walk in His ways. He cautions us to not be stubborn but rather to listen. If we are stubborn and rebellious God is going to have to make is hard like having to lead a horse by a rope and bridle. That is a foolish choice because in the end it only leads to sorrow. The opposite of stubbornness is to trust in the Lord. This is the best option as it leads to knowing His UNFAILING LOVE.


You might see in David’s words a challenge to ask what pattern you are choosing – voluntary cooperation with God, which tends to lead to a long life of vitality, or stubborn resistance against His will, which will drain and ultimately break you. Are there sins in your life that have gone unconfessed, perhaps for years? Settle the account with the Lord and pray your prayer of repentance.



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