This Psalm is very personal to me. When I read it for the 6th time, I could see this scene of David in my life.

In context, this Psalm was written at a time when David was pursued by someone whom he loved, served faithfully, someone who was threatened by David’s future, someone who betrayed him, someone who lied about him and someone who mocked him.

In the first 5 verses David cries out to God to fight on his behalf, he tells God how to fight and send an angel make his enemies disappear.

This sounds familiar! When we are being hurt, disappointed, betrayed, threatened by the very people we love and we want the pain and the people gone, instantly. We cry out to God like David did and prescribe how God should do it.

Was David’s cry to God fair? Yes it was. Who else could he turn to! David did nothing wrong. Did David want to live in peace? Yes, that is why he asked and directed God how to do it quickly so he can be happy again.

David was pursued by Saul and his son Absalom, he did nothing wrong yet they felt threatened by him. A perceived truth for which they were willing to commit murder.

  • Lesson 1- I learnt from this Psalm is, yes we will get hurt by people we love, people we care for. People who have a wrong perception of who and what we are about. We have to take the battle upward and give it to God. Thank God for taking the battle on and like in v 18 and praise God during the battle.
  • Lesson 2 – Trust that God will answer our prayers.
  • Lesson 3- Though I love my life, my life belongs to God; therefore it is His will and not mine.

I recall the times I felt pressed down and these 3 words were the only words I could pray”

Lord help me? This is how David felt then, and in this millennium we can still cry out to the one true living God for help in time of need. He answers prayers. Enjoy your road trip, the journey is so worthwhile. God bless.



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