Here  we see the contrasts between the wicked and the righteous as shown in Psalm 36. The central issued being addressed is, “Who will inherit the land” i.e., who will live to enjoy the Promised Land. Will the wicked that plot and scheme through corruption and thereby flourish?  Or will the righteous, who TRUST in the LORD and remain humble?

We are valued more than the grass and cut flowers. We have the assurance of God’s love and grace when we place our trust in Him. We can enjoy safe pastures.

We receive God’s insurance when we do good deeds and stick to the promises we have made.

God enjoys our company gives us the desires of our hearts.

As long as we give Him everything that is alive within us, holding nothing back, even when it seems to be foolish to you, the LORD will give us his stamp of approval

Christians who are battling financially, often see worldly people prosper and begin to wonder and stress.  Trust God with everything that you do and say. Continue to do the good that the LORD wants us to do. The blessings we receive are often greater than that of the receiver of the deeds

Delight yourself (captivate, gladden, transport – Oxford dic.) and receive your reward.

Father wants us to trust Him with our lives, to have constant conversations with Him, the    benefits are great! His righteousness will shine through our lives and draw others to Him.

It is vital that we find times of quietness, where we are able to wait on the LORD. To hear His   heart for us.

Greed leads to anger which  leads to evil, don’t go there.

It is the meek who will inherit the land and enjoy great peace. Wicked people rob the poor and the needy and destroy those who live righteously. (John 10:10) The LORD actually laughs at their stupidity, He is sovereign, and He knows what their end will be.

The righteous give generously. When God is pleased with our way of life, he helps us to walk uprightly. The righteous are able to encourage others when needed, because they dwell on the word of the LORD.

Father wants us to be totally dependent upon Him; He is the source of our lives. . Learn to be content with that we have.

V 25 Has been a constant part of my life. I have never seen the children of the righteous begging for bread. They may have very little but will still give to those with  a greater need.

The wicked will soon die/ be cut off ( mentioned 13 times)  God is making sure that we see what will happen if we leave the righteous path that He has set before us.

Wicked people are always looking for ways to destroy the righteous but God will not allow them to .

Salvation comes from the LORD. He is our refuge and strength and His promises are forever.


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