God alone is the true source of healing and protection for those who confess their sins to Him.

Ps 38:1ff:  This is called a penitential psalm because David expressed sorrow for his sin (38:18).

He stated that his sin led to health problems (38:1-8) and separation from God and others causing extreme loneliness (38:9-14).

He then confessed his sin and repented (38:15-22)

Ps 38:2-4: David saw his anguish for his sin as judgment from God for his sins. Although God does not always send physical illness to punish us for sin, in these verses Ps: 38:-4 and other scriptures (Acts 12v21-23, 1Cor11v30-32) indicates that He does in certain circumstances. Our sin can have a physical or mental side effect that can cause great suffering and separation from God. Sometimes, as for David, God has to punish his children, in order to bring them back to Himself (Hebrews 12v5-11). When we repent of our sin, God promises to forgive us, the Gospel message. He delivers us from sin’s eternal consequences, although He does not promise to undo all of sin’s earthly consequences.

Ps 38:13- 22: It is extremely difficult to be silent when others tear us down because we want to protect our reputation. We find it difficult to do nothing while they assault something so precious to us. But we don’t need to lash out back in revenge or justify our position in Christ, we can trust God to protect our reputation. Jesus was silent before His accusers (Luke 23:9-10) He left his case in God’s hands (1 Peter 2:21-24). That is a good place to leave our case too. – Life Application Bible


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