This psalm, it is likely, was penned upon the same occasion with the former, and, having no title, may be looked upon as an appendix to it.

Vers 2 of this psalm is almost the very same with the 42:9 of the foregoing psalm, also v5 is the same as 42:11.

David endeavours to still his spirit, with hope and confidence in God.

– As to the quarrel God had with David for sin, he prays, “Enter not into judgment with me, if Thou doest so I shall be condemned”; but as to the quarrel his enemies had with him, he prays,  “Lord, judge me, and in thy providence appear on my behalf.”

When I read this Psalm, I thought back of the many times in the past when I felt distressed, depressed and alone.

The longer I walk in the ways of the Lord, the less time I seem to spend in this state of mind because I know Him better.

In the early days it was more of an effort to break free from these feelings.

We must therefore try to not so easily fall into the trap of hopelessness and despondency because that is where the devil wants us to stay.

The Light of the World is in charge of our lives and is leading us on; we just have to keep walking behind Him.  We cannot lag behind and be lost, so keeping up is of paramount importance to us and to Him. Look for our Shepherd and fix your eyes on Him, do everything that He asks of you, for He is the way to Heaven.


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