Psalm 47 is said to be one of the psalms whose background is not certain per the bible scholars. Whether it was after the victory of a battle or when David carried the Ark of the Presence of God from the house of Obed Edom. One person even says psalm was written at the end of the reign of David as king over Israel.

Whilst one reads this psalm you get to hear that the main theme of psalm 47 is: “Praise God.” The psalmists who are said to be the sons of Korah command that praise be given to God by all people because of Who He Is.

The Lord in this psalm is said to be:

  1. Awesome
  2. A great King
  3. One Who subdues people under our feet
  4. One Who chooses our inheritance for us
  5. He is the Excellence of Jacob

The psalmist ascribes the above to God because of all He has done already and all He is still to do.

The praise ascribed to the Lord in this psalm is based on the past and is also a prophetic praise as it depicts confidently that the Lord WILL subdue and choose for His people.

Sing psalm 47 when you remind yourself of the victories God has given you and speak to the mountain standing before you telling it that the God that brought you through the bear and the lion will also bring you through your current situation.

  • Mandilakhe Nontenja

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