49– by JJ Jackson

Psalm 49 opens up baiting us with a great opener.

Essentially saying, “I’m going to reveal a great secret to you! “So you immediately want to carry on reading!

Verses 5-8 go on to describe how some people, haughty and wicked people, boast and trust in riches above God! This on the outset seems so absurd, yet when I think about people who don’t really know God and His great love and goodness, can easily fall into that line of thinking and believing.

Then it’s followed in verses 9-12, by how arrogant some people can get when they have riches. They tend to live as if they are immortal. The sad truths however, how many people I’ve seen confess that they cannot buy health or salvation.

Then lastly what stands out to me is the last portion. From verses 16-20.

This is where we see the massive contrast between the “fools” who trust in the wealth they have, and the fate of the righteous.

The problem is so many people do fail to realise that they take nothing with after death. It is all heaped up for other people. We have to be careful to not allow this reliance on money to replace our wholehearted reliance on our Faithful God.

I want to finish my observations by highlighting verse 18

Psalm 49:18 NIV

[18] Though while they live they count themselves blessed—and people praise you when you prosper—

While they live, the trap of counting yourself blessed just because of wealth becomes a huge trap. Also, counting yourself NOT blessed because of believing you are. It wealthy is also bad. Also, don’t praise people who prosper… we praise God when they realise they can be a Chanel for Gods Kingdom.


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