PSALM 50: !!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!
Have you slipped into legalism? Is what you do for God defining your identity rather than what God has done for you? Does your life reflect a life submitted to the Lord of Lords?
Asaph, a Levite and a choirmaster in David’s house pens this strong Psalm detailing God’s might, power and righteous judgement.
Even though Israel were bringing their sacrifices to the Lord, they were doing it only to follow ceremonial law rather than honouring and glorifying God. Their lifestyles were a reflection of wickedness and in turn were being rebuked and sternly warned. Fellow believers, can the same be said of our sacrifices and lifestyles?
Nevertheless, our God is a gracious God and He always shows us His perfect way.
God loves a thankful heart. Gratitude is a God honouring fruit that when evident in our lives, shows our dependence on Him and a life submitted. Verse 23 is a wonderful reminder of how something as simple as thanksgiving given unto the Lord as our sacrifice, glorifies the King and in turn as we order our way rightly, He will show us His Salvation.


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