There are certain things I struggle to understand about God. His response to us, His children. I sometimes feel that He is unreasonable. Davis sleeps with the wife of one of his men and then arranges for the man to be killed (2 Samuel 11). Did he just abuse his office as a leader? Absolutely! He failed as a leader. One day He comes back from battle with all the loot and excitement and the village is empty (wives and kids had been taken away). His own men plotted to send him to Jesus prematurely. We may view that as a failure as a “commander in chief”.

One would be tempted to think David’s life was all a flood of negativity – not at all. However, the scriptures have zoomed into his life and failures so that we can learn something. That we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). What gives me much faith and hope is how David pleads with God in Psalm 51.
“Wash me clean from my guilt”….”purify me from my sins”….”Give me back my joy”….”create in me a pure heart oh God”….”Restore to me the joy of my salvation”….”Forgive me for shedding blood”….”

This is real stuff. This is not just “sorry mama I stole a spoon of sugar” stuff. No wonder David gets a title “A man after God’s own heart”.

His response to his sin is humbling indeed. There is no arrogance here. He simply acknowledges his weaknesses and trusts the Creator to “blot out his sins”. David seems to have understood the Word. God loves us too much – He hates the sin – He forgives – He forgets our past. As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us (Psalms 103:12). David must have understood this perfectly.
Verse 11 :”Cast me not from your presence”. David made sure that after confession he stayed in the presence of God. Contrary to most of us who wallow in self-pity while neglecting His presence. Remember how he fasted and prayed when his child with Bathsheba fell ill? In our challenges, I encourage you to seek His face and stay in His presence.
Unfortunately, the child he prayed and fasted for died. David rose from the fast, he washed himself clean and moved on. Even when people thought he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, David knew that God had decided to take the child. David knew God. Do we? Most of us wallow in self-pity for decades and we miss God. We miss His plans for us.

Can you trust God’s plans even when things don’t go your way? Can you trust God’s forgiveness even when you have committed the worst sin in your eyes? What if you suffered public shame – can you trust God to restore you? Or you simply go all melancholic and let the enemy win?

God is unreasonable. He doesn’t treat our sins as we deserve. You see, we have been justified. The blood of the lamb is enough to cleans us from all unrighteousness. Live as a forgiven person. Reach out to Him with hope, with faith.

Like David, I am learning to say, “The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit, you will not reject a broken and repentant heart, Oh God” (Psalm 51: 17). Whatever our failure and weaknesses, there is acceptance for us in the Lord.


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