Just picture for a moment with me… David is the youngest of 8 sons. After his famous victory over the Philistine giant, Goliath, he is plucked from his fathers’ household by King Saul to live in the palace, severing him from his family. On one side he gains great success and accolades as the people of the nation love him, but on the other side, he is subject to a jealous king who very quickly realises that David is favoured by God. From that moment, David lives life as a man with a death threat. When Saul realises that sending him to the battle field is not going to get him killed, he starts taking matters into his own hands and David realises that he has to run.
Psalm 52 is written by David at a time when his life is in turmoil. He is on the run from King Saul. He has just received word that the priests who had helped him with provisions have all been slaughtered by an informant of this very same king. And yet he has no doubts!!! He trusts only in the steadfast love of God. He continues to thank and praise God as he knows that God will one day bring true judgement to those who boast of evil, whose tongues plot destruction, to those who are deceitful and who lie. He has no thoughts of planning his own vengeance as he knows that despite his dire circumstances he is in the safest and most caring hands of all.
This challenges us in our responses to our own everyday challenges. We may face some very unfair suffering as Daan so aptly termed it three Sunday’s ago. Can we truly say that we trust in God’s steadfast love? Can we stand tall and strong like David’s green olive tree, ready to face our trials and to bear fruit whatever the season as we can only do when rooted in Christ Jesus? And can we place our enemies into God’s hands without reacting and retaliating in our own strength?


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