As we read Psalm 54 we see that David’s enemies were real, they were not abstract ideas or ideological constructions, they were real enemies that could cause real harm and therefore he took them… real serious!
I find that life and the way it works often doesn’t make sense unless we first realize we are in an universal battle that exceeds the scale of every other battle known to man. It started long before we arrived and most likely will continue long after we die. It is the battle for what was lost in Eden, the battle for the souls of men and the dominion over all God created.
This battle is real, this enemy is real, as real as the enemies David was fighting. As we understand the reason, the nature of the universal battle we are on, it helps orientate our lives with a sense of purpose and intention within this battle! We move from ignorant bystanders to active soldiers on assignment with our comrades under the direct instruction from the Lord of the Armies of Heaven.
Prayer: Thank you Father for perspective in the universal battle I am a part of, whether I have realized it or not. Thank you that I don’t have to be an ignorant bystander and a potential casualty of war. I choose to receive my instructions directly from Jesus and in Him I have the victory and can echo David words in vs 7 of Psalm 54
“I will give you thanks because you are good. You have rescued me from all my troubles, and I have seen my enemies defeated.”


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