Where is David?… in a cave hiding in the wilderness, pursued by the King of Israel and 3000 men.

Where is David’s soul? Taking refuge in the shadow of the Lord’s wings. The fugitive’s hiding place is in the very Presence of the Lord.

How can David worship, isn’t he in the wrong place? David is in the place of God’s appointment… chosen and anointed by God to be king. David is obedient to and confident of God’s purposes -this is the worship of the heart and mind.

Do I worship the Lord with obedience and faith?

How can I, like David hiding in the cave, worship in Spirit and in truth?

I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It is in this sanctuary, in the quiet place of total solitude alone with God where my innermost being finds the place of true worship in the very Presence of Sovereign God. When I come to worship Him the externals fade to insignificance, the calamities, the threats, the fear of man, have no presence equal to the Presence of Almighty God.

In the place of true worship I see God as He is.

  • He is the Truth, a just God who must and will judge sin.
  • He is my Covenant keeping God full of lovingkindness.
  • He is gracious and merciful: the enemy intends to destroy, but my God gives life and rescues all who call on His Name.
  • He alone is all my hope: I know God will fulfil His purposes for me and that His intent is for good and never for evil.

I can’t see how He will work, but I’m not looking for answers, I am looking for Him.

Why me? I’m not worthy of His calling to live and reign with Him.

Why this trial? It is so that I can be humbled under Gods Hand and not by my own failures.

What must I do? Nothing! it is not by my might nor power! I will wait for God to show mercy by His mighty Hand.

Where can I find refuge? Is it safe in the cave, no it is safe when my desire is to be under His wings.

My response:

He alone is worthy of all praise.

I want the world to know. How can I be silent?

My heart is fixed, awake my soul, give thanks, rejoice, sing praises among the people. Be exalted O Lord above the Heavens, let Thy glory be above all the earth.



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